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Spring/Summer Edition of PPFA CONNECT Is Now Available!

Mike Labbe

Forum Help Team

Seven Certified Picture Framers (CPFs) in one frame shop – possibly a PPFA record!

In this issue of PPFA Connect, learn about Blackbird Frame & Art’s 7-strong CPF team and its canine mascot. You’ll also find photos from the PPFA Convention, including International Framing Competition winners; new hinging ideas from Hugh Phibbs; stunning framing projects by Adela Davis, MCPF; tips from Wayne Baker, MCPF; and much more. PPFA CONNECT is an important resource for PPFA news and events, ideas, and information.

Click here to download the Spring/Summer 2019 edition of the PPFA CONNECT newsletter today!

Direct Link: https://www.ppfa.com/pdfs/PPFAConnect_SpringSummer_2019.pdf
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