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FOR SALE (Revised) New Frame Wire Hanger Uniformi-T Jig (New intro price!)

James Watkins

New participant
Midsouth Photographic
Introducing the Uniformi-T frame wire hanger jig. Take the guess work out of placing your wire hangers on the back of your picture frames. The Uniformi-T allows you to position the hanging wire at exactly the same distance from the top of the frame each and every time when wiring up multiple frames for the same customer. It even eliminates the need for a separate ruler for measuring where to place the screw eyes. Don't settle for just getting close with your wires, that just makes the customer work harder to get all their frames hanging in a straight line on the wall. After all, "close" is for horseshoes and hand grenades, not picture frames.

The Uniformi-T is so easy to use that it almost needs no instructions. If you have ever added hanger wire to a frame, you will see the need for it, and it will need no explanation.

I developed the Uniformi-T when I was commissioned to copy and frame 47 16x20 photos for a hospital. The frames were to be hung all in a group, down one long hallway in the hospital, at eye level. (See the attached photo of the installation.) Until this job, I had never really given much thought to the exact placement of the hanger wires on the back of my frames - SHAME ON ME! I can only imagine the frustration I have caused my customers in the past. Never again! The interior decorator was so impressed by our attention to detail for the installation, she cut a long standing tie with a major player in the framing industry and is now using us for all future frame jobs. This one job alone was worth approximately $10,000.00.

Do you operate a chain of frame shops? Use the
Uniformi-T to establish uniform standards for placing hanging wire on every frame produced in each and every store you operate. This will insure that, no matter which one of your locations the customer uses, all frames will hang the same.

Uniformi-T is handmade in the USA by a veteran just trying to pay the mortgage, and is seeking patent protection so he can go after any copy-cats that want to steal his idea, or just make one for themselves. Please support a veteran of the U.S. military by purchasing your Uniformi-T today for low introductory price of only $14.95 plus $6.00 s/h in the U.S. Buy two units and shipping is FREE to U.S. addresses. Need more than two units? Call or email me for a quote. 870-926-0228 Central time, or email mpslabman@sbcglobal.net


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