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Quiz: Modern Art versus Toddler Art

Randy Parrish CPF

Frequent Poster
Certified Picture Framer®
Ann Arbor Michigan
In college I ran a student art gallery and one summer we where asked to participate in the Ann Arbor Art Fair, four days of sitting out in the grueling sun during the hottest time of the summer. It was a great learning experience, for instance I learned the hard way to never carry a picture by the wire :z-oops:..

So after 3 days this guy runs over to our booth and he really excited, "Hey Pete you gotta see this!" pointing to a friends painting, a 9 year old kid runs over, "Doesn't this look like your 2 year old brother could do this!"

Here is a Quiz: Can you tell the difference between Modern Art and Toddler Art.


I got 9/11
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Sarah Beckett MCPF

Frequent Poster
Certification Board
Master Certified Picture Framer®
Milwaukee, WI
8 out of 11

When I first started dating my so, I took him to an art opening of a good customer of mine (also somewhat of a friend). We start walking around and really loud says, "this looks like it was all done by a 5 yr old."

Needless to say I quickly said hello to the artist and booked it out of there. He has no longer been invited to art openings or gallery nights with me.

Welcome to Framers Corner