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Welcome to Framers Corner

FOR SALE Frame Square Mitre Saw Model 1000

Kyle Becker

New participant
Fort Wayne, IN
Hi all! I am selling my Frame Square Mitre Saw Model 1000. Not sure how much the community will find it to be worth, so I'd love to hear offers. I can take photos if interested. Unfortunately, I've not been able to use it as intended, and my workshop just got downsized, so it has to go.

1. Powers on and blade spins very nicely. Seems well balanced.
2. The top has plenty of wear, with the paint organically rubbed off in the common areas. No notable damage.
3. The plastic blade guard is broken, but the metal post is still present as well as the plastic parts.
4. The motor seems awesome. Not loud at all. But the electric power supply cable seems to be dry-rotted, and so the insulation is cracking off. I was planning on replacing, but didn't get to that part.
5. I tried to clean it a bit and oil the top sliding action. It still seems to take more force than expected to move the slider. But I've never used a saw in good condition to compare it to. I didn't want to fully disassemble without doing things properly, and never got around to it. On the plus side, the added friction makes moving the saw a bit easier.
6. I believe I have all the framing pieces. Anybody who is serious will likely want to see all the additional pieces to confirm this is complete.

I think that covers it all. Let me know if you are interested! I'm in Fort Wayne, IN and would be good to arrange for shipping if needed... though local pickup would be much easier.

Best always,
Welcome to Framers Corner
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