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Fast Frame type mat board holder need!

John Heltman

Frequent Poster
Lima, OH
Picture Frame Shop
Needed ASAP! Any one knowing a Fast Frames going out of business that needs to sell their mat board holder(s), please let me know. The closer to Ohio the better. Getting shop ready to open and I just don't have time/skill to build one. OK, I'm just too lazy! PM or call me at 419-234-7477.
Thank-you! Darth
Can you tell us what a "Fast Frame type mat board holder" is?

Maybe they buy them from a source we could point you to?
Mat board "Storage Unit" needed.

I am looking for a couple of mat board storage units. Fast Frame is one I saw for sale (but sold before I could buy it) that is type I'd like. Here is a picture of one (broken down) that I'm looking for. Thanks!View attachment 85
Do you ever go on the Picture Framers Grumble? In their classified section it appears a Fast Frame out east has went out of business. They are selling equipment and tables. There is one that looks like what you have requested I think. Also, I have an extra work table (very nice!) with storage under it for mats for sale. Email me at julietheframer@gmail.com if you are interested. I am in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota.