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Gregory K. Norris CPF

RIP Past PPFA President 2016-2018
Certified Picture Framer®
Huntington, West Virginia
Huntington Hall of Frames
From the New York Times:

Fifth Avenue, 1968
Dear Diary:

It was spring 1968, and my classes at Columbia University had been suspended because of student protests. I had also just quit my part-time job as the social secretary for a wealthy older man. He was not giving me enough hours for me to survive in New York.

So it was with a “What do I do now?” feeling that I decided to walk from near Central Park down Fifth Avenue toward 34th Street, where I had plans to meet friends for dinner.

I took my time, stopping to gaze in the store windows. One was a framing and print shop. I was startled when an older man who had apparently been watching me from inside knocked on the window. Before I knew it, he had come outside and was talking with me.

He said I looked a bit down. I told him I had just quit my job. He commiserated with me. He told me he had just broken up with his girlfriend. I commiserated with him

“Let me take you to lunch,” he said. His favorite restaurant was not far away. Since I had nothing to do until dinner, I agreed.

We had a wonderful lunch, and the conversation never stopped. It was as if we were two old friends.

We returned to the shop and he invited me in. He sorted through some drawers and boxes, and then he handed me two beautiful small wooden frames. He insisted on wrapping them before I went on my way.

I left the city that summer to get on with my life. The frames have housed two lovely paintings for 50 years. When I look at them, they evoke a crystal clear memory of my lunch with a stranger.

— Carol C. Neely
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