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Updated Version of 'Mats, Mounts, & Reversible Mounting' now available.

Russ Wood

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I have made a major revision to my 'Mats, Mounts & Reversible Mounting' number 5 in my Decorative mat Instructional Series. This guide is only available electronically in a PDF file, and is now 69 pages with lots of color photos and illustrations.

Only $20.00, US. Send me your email address and I will send you an electronic invoice [via Square]. Square will notify me when you pay the invoice and I will email you the guide.

I have sent this revision to all of you who purchased the earlier version; if for some reason, you have not received it, please let me know.

The titles of all five of the guides in this Instructional Series are given below.

1. Colored Bevels: [30 pages]
2. Decorative Papers: [25 pages]
3. Layered Bevels and Pinwheels: [22 pages]
4. Lines and Ruling Pens: [40 pages]
5. Mats, Mounts, & Reversible Mounting: [69 pages].

The first four are available in hard copy from Lion Products, in the UK [A4 format]. All five are available electronically, in the US version [8.5 x 11 inches] from either me or from Tech-mark, Inc [], in North Little Rock, Arkansas; Tech-Mark is the Lion Products distributor for the US.

The prices are $20 US each.

I am starting on a 6th guide that will cover leaf, gesso, and glass [all for inside the frame package, not outside] and hope to have it available for the PPFA convention in January 2020.

These guides a more formalized collection of my notes, sketches and photographs on the particular topic.

contact me at if you have any questions. Square takes all major credit cards, so I can now sell directly to Canada.
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