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Thinking about calling this my "Speaker Series" Piece

Nicole Samples

New participant
Certified Picture Framer®
Fibonacci Picture Framing
Finished this piece and thought I would share how it turned out :)

I should call it my PPFA Speaker Series Piece, haha. Used a DCO from James Millers presentation for the magazine. Colored all the bevels yellow and wrapped a 8ply mat for a accent bevel, from Russ Wood. Got paper from Talas supplies to try out David Lantrip's "New take on mat panels". Doing the panels like this is a great idea and will be using that technique again in the future.

It turned out pretty cool and my husband loves it! He makes a widget that is used in Lucid cars and this made a great gift for the home office.

Let me know what you think!


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Hi Brenda,
This was a Speaker Series Session and is archived. These are available free to PPFA members from the online store. We do rotate the sessions in the store and announce them in the PPFA Connect Newsletter.
Thanks Robin