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Ten more new CPFs!

Sheila Pursglove

PPFA CONNECT editor Certification Board liaison
Forum Help Team
Phew! This has been quite a year for new CPFs! These 10 took the exam at the PPFA Convention - congratulations to all of them.

Charlotte Gray Colton, CPF
Patrick Coppinger, CPF
Kelly Curcione, CPF
Kristy Duarte, CPF
Stacey Hayes, CPF
Melissa Manser, CPF
Tina Rumjahn, CPF
Gregg Sorbets, CPF
Devin Welch, CPF
Yurika Zama, CPF

We continue to have a lot of inquiries from people interested in certifying, so I expect to post many more names.
Visit ppfa.com and read the trifold brochure under Certification; and the free CPF exam Study Guide is available in the Online Store under Certifications.

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