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FOR SALE Seal/Bienfang UV Finish Guard - Canvas Texture Roll 41" x (50' ?)

Kathie Strachan

York, PA
New Moon Designs
I have an opened box of canvas textured UV protective Finish Guard. I haven't unrolled it and measured it, and it's been a while since I used it, but there has to be at least 40" left if not more. I no longer have access to a dry mount press to use it.

I know y'all probably know what this is, but I thought I'd include the description from their website:

"Seal/Bienfang Finish Guard Canvas Roll is a vinyl-based laminating film that can be used to protect photographs and paper artwork. It offers UV protection and is extremely durable.

The canvas finish yields a rich, textured look. Finish Guard is made from two components: a firm adhesive and a UV protective layer. The use of this product on a wide variety of products such as photos and posters will help protect the image from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.

Use on artwork to protect surfaces from UV rays (seems redundant!?)

Easy to use, with a clear, low-tack adhesive coating on one side

A reusable Sponge Foam Overlay is needed to ensure an even finish

Durable, lightweight alternative to glass

1.5" core"

It's also pre-pierced so you don't get bubbles and don't have to use a perforator.

A new box sell for $162. I'm asking $75 & shipping.




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Adela Davis MCPF

Certification Board
Certification Board
Master Certified Picture Framer®
New Braunfels, Texas
MD Sales
Kathie, I see that this is an old post. This thread came up when I was looking at Bienfang's laminating films for a project coming up. I'm sure this is long gone by now! ?
Adela Davis, MCPF
you can PM via FB/messenger as I don't get on FC very often.
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