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PPFA Framing Competition Winners!

Sheila Pursglove

PPFA CONNECT editor Certification Board liaison
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The PPFA International OPEN and PRINT Framing Competition brought in beautiful entries, that were displayed near the PPFA booth on the WCAF Expo floor –and winners were displayed at the Jan. 29 Competition Reception, emceed by Robin Gentry, MCPF, chair of the Competition Board; and Valerie Becker, MCPF, incoming chair.

1st Place: Joseph Boutell, Source on Lake, Pasadena, Calif.
2nd Place: Deborah Hill, MCPF and Dean Cardenas, Art Incorporated, San Antonio, Texas.
3rd Place: Sarah Beckett, MCPF, SB Framing Gallery, Milwaukee, Wis.
Honorable Mention: JM Gallo, ASAP Moulding, Canoga Park, Calif.
1st Time High Point Entry: Rachel Oleson, Art Heads Commercial Art and Framing, Sherwood, Ore.
Judges Award sponsored Frame Ready by Adatasol: Paula Digati and Renate Eschmann, Color Wheel McLean, Va.
Berkman Award (honoring the late Don Berkman, MCPF, one of the founders of the Competition): Andrew Webster, Master Framers, Saint Paul, Minn.
Popular Choice, sponsored by Picture Framing Magazine: Christine Hasenhundl, Hako-Oja Studio, Wainwright, Alberta, Canada.

1st Place, 1st Time High Point Entry, and Judges Award sponsored by Frank’s Fabrics: Sarah Beckett, MCPF, SB Framing Gallery, Milwaukee Wis.
2nd Place: Christine Hasenhundl, Hako-Oja Studios, Wainwright, Alberta, Canada.
3rd Place: Janine Buechner, MCPF, Artist Guild LLC, Sturgeon Bay, Wis.
Honorable Mention and Judges Award sponsored by Vermont Hardwoods: Sue Davis, CPF, Master Framers, St. Paul, Minn.
Popular Choice award from Picture Framing Magazine (PFM): Julie Marcoux and Alain Vigneault, Galerie d’Art Vigneault, Repentigny, Quebec, Canada.

Congratulations to all our winners! And a big thanks to everyone who participated in the Competition.:first::first::first:

Judges in the initial digital PRINT judging were: Fred Horton, MCPF; Meghan MacMillan, MCPF; and Joyce Michels, MCPF.
Judges in the digital OPEN judging were: John Ranes, CPF, GCF; Adela Davis, MCPF; and Ellen Collins, MCPF.

Judges in the International PRINT Competition Finals at the PPFA Convention in Las Vegas were: Laurel Smith, MCPF; Elli Wollangk, MCPF; and Mark Klostermeyer, MCPF.
Judges in the International OPEN Competition Finals were: Alan Abeyta, CPF; Meghan MacMillan, MCPF; and Fred Horton, MCPF.
Katheryn Dueck, MCPF, served as secretary for both categories.

A big thanks our Competition sponsors: Picture Framing Magazine (PFM), Frank’s Fabrics, FrameReady by Adatasol, Vermont Hardwoods, Framerica and Frameware!!
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Welcome to Framers Corner
Welcome to Framers Corner