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Our framer friends in India

Sheila Pursglove

PPFA CONNECT editor Certification Board liaison
Forum Help Team
I was in email touch earlier this week with Manisha and Sajjan Bhatcar at PICTURESQUE Art & Frames in Goa, to see how they were coping in India’s terrible pandemic.

The two were featured in the July 2020 PPFA CONNECT newsletter; and their chessboard entry won a Judges Award High Point First Time Entry Award at the PPFA 2020 Convention in Las Vegas, hosted by the West Coast Art & Frame Expo.

Manisha reported Goa is at a very bad stage, medical facilities are unable to cope and people are losing their dear ones.

She and Saijan are taking the maximum possible precautions; working only a few hours at the store usually only on appointments, but they have currently closed the store for a couple of days as the situation is very bad.

Please keep them in your thoughts – and all our other framer friends who may still be doing battle with this terrible pandemic. Some areas/countries are improving and re-opening, others are still shut down.
The situation is not good right now in India, and the health care system is overwhelmed. Thoughts and prayers are with them.
I emailed with Manisha earlier this week. She said it is bad and they have lost some dear ones. They are in lockdown in her area. She did say they are seeing some slight improvements but still a long way to go. Prayers things improve.
Thanks for the updates on this and thoughts. I have a friend in India as well. He and his family are well, but so much turmoil all around.