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On Vermeer

Recently we had a topic where we discussed a painting by Johannes Vermeer - Head of a Girl with Pearl Eardrops.
So I did some research on this painter as I like his work.
Vermeer was born in Delft, Holland in 1632, he married in 1653 to Catharina Bolnes and died in 1675 in Delft where he is buried in the Old Church. Vermeer was 43 when he died of a fit while having financial difficulties.

Vermeer had one sibling, a sister and fifteen children. At least two sons who survived into adulthood, married and had children. His wife died in 1687 also in Delft. In 1696 many of his paintings were auctioned off and from this auction a list survived as well as accounts of his paintings elsewhere in Delft. From this list, it can be deduced that between six and eight of his paintings are either missing or lost forever.

The girl with pearl earring can be seen in the Maurstshuis museum in The Hague. His other attributed works are located in Europe and the US. All in public hands apart from the Music-lesson, which is in Buckingham Palace.
One painting The Concert was stolen in 1990 from a museum in Boston? and has been missing since. It is worth $200 million and a collector probably has it in his vault. Another painting was until recently owned by the De Rothschild family in France. They had to pay tax, so instead donated their Vermeer to The Louvre in Paris.

One drawing has been attributed to the artist, namely Maidservant Warming her Feet. I was unable to find anything about this drawing on the web, but apparently it is in the Weimar Museum.
In the last few years some more paintings have been recognized as having been painted by Vermeer. These are Lady seated at Virginals and is in a private collection in New York
Young girl with Flute. This was started by Vermeer but finished by another artist hence the difference in style.

Saint Praexedis - This painting is either in Poland or Monaco. Originally the paintings were framed with black somber frames, but few of these frames have survived and as such most as now framed with ornate gold frames.
None of the paintings are housed in Delft itself, which is quite a shame, because if theoretically all his paintings are stored in a museum in Delft, then this will be a tourist-attraction. Having all his paintings returned to Delft is not impossible. All it takes is for national museums to swap artworks. Forget about their value, but merely look at their national significance.

In all there are about 36 paintings and drawings by Vermeer known to exist. All on canvas, except one on wood. He may have painted 45 in his life, as he was a detailed and slow painter, had to look after his family and other occupations as well.
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