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New York Times on preserving memories

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Gregory K. Norris CPF

RIP Past PPFA President 2016-2018
Certified Picture Framer®
Huntington, West Virginia
Yes, I am pretty sure you are right. He did a re-work of the show some years ago. It didn't seem to translate into a more modern world. But I think he has had a good career as a writer, director and producer.

I saw another interesting article about a UK organizing Guru that had all of her family picture digitally stored on her Ipad. She claims she looks at them far more frequently because now they are accessible instead of in stacks of albums. She mentioned multiple backups, and that now that she can see them she often has one printed and framed.

I think we will always have a few preservation nuts, but far more of those that live in the moment. I see them every week tossing unlabeled family pictures out after the estate sale.
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