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new framing podcast

Sarah Beckett MCPF

Frequent Poster
Master Certified Picture Framer®
Milwaukee, WI
SB Framing Gallery
Imagine yourself in a coffee house or cocktail lounge sharing experiences with some of the best and brightest minds our industry has to offer. Welcome to 4 Sticks of Wood. A podcast by picture framers for picture framers. We (Mikki, Sarah, and Harry) will have casual conversations with fellow framing professionals and tease them to share their stories. Join us as we explore the unique personalities and very cool people that make up the world of picture framing. We'll chat with creatives, entrepreneurs, newbies, and industry leaders as we get to know the people of picture framing; where they came from and what makes them tick. You will find us on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music. Please be sure to “like” and “subscribe”. We look forward to some amazing stories and we hope you enjoy the show!Mikki, Sarah and Harry



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