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Mummified rat and other projects!

Sheila Pursglove

PPFA CONNECT editor Certification Board liaison
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Mummified rat, and other projects!

PPFA members should have received their January CONNECT newsletter today (January 12) with a lead story about New Zealand framer Keith Stewart, CPF, who started in this field by framing for his wife, a professional photographer. Keith's memorable projects include a mummified rat(!), a grandmother’s ponytail, baby’s first shoes, Freemason regalia, an autographed America’s Cup shirt, and the woolen bonnet of a stillborn baby, his most poignant piece to date.

You'll enjoy this feature story and photos, and much more, including photos of CFOs and CEOs (Chief Feline Officers and Canine Executive Officers) (and I welcome more pet pics).

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Welcome to Framers Corner
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