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Managing discontinued mouldings

Rosalind Oserin

Active Participant
We opened almost 4 years ago and I must say that Covid seems to be great for our business. Because we are just generally busier with more diversity in clientele, we've been getting more corner samples in. We carry LJ, CMI, International Moulding, some Roma and Universal Arquati.

My first question is, are there any particular companies' mouldings that you absolutely can't live without?

Secondly, how do you manage the discontinued mouldings? Lately we removed the initial discontinued LJ list a couple weeks ago, and just yesterday had a client who had to come in and re-choose her moulding as there was none left. We have been updating our FrameReady POS when we have a notification to do so, and when she made the order last week it was not discontinued. Do any of the reps come in and remove discontinued mouldings for you? We have not been successful in this for both of our local companies as we really don't have a rep that services us.

Thanks in advance for your help and advice,

Nainsook Framing + Art

Robin Gentry MCPF

PPFA Coordinator 2020, Past PPFA President 2015-20
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Bowling Green Ky
Hi Roz,

Depending on the Rep they may come help redo your wall and pull discontinued but not always. Some reps will only do it if you let them put up more of their companies samples which I do understand. The best thing to do is update your pos regularly and print a dq list then pull the samples yourself. You will probably miss some, I know I always managed to miss a couple. It is something that has to be done regularly to stay on top of it. Once you get through the first culling it becomes easier. I would also mark them in my catalog and catalog price list when they were discontinued.

When you do have a sold a moulding that is discontinued exhaust all options be fore calling the customer. Put out a call here to see if anyone has the moulding. Call the company or your rep and see if they have it in another location that they can ship to you. Also ask if they have anyone that purchased a large length quantity and see if they will give you the contact info or ask your rep to contact them to see if they have any left. It always is a pain when things are gone after you have sold them.

As to companies there are so many good ones out there. Use the ones you can consolidate orders and get good margins from. If you have a local distributor that carries multiple companies that may be a good resource for you. Also do not forget the smaller independents with cool moulding, direct moulding, spark frames, wtf, arl designs and others. They carry specialty stuff but are great to have to show what is out there. And closed corners are good to show also.

Good Luck!

Mike Labbe

Forum Help Team
Lincoln, RI
We don't generally let reps touch or organize our walls, but that would be nice if they found any that we forgot to take down.

Our point of sale system (Lifesaver Cloud) notifies us when something has been discontinued, and then we pull down the sample. FrameReady likely has a similar report for this purpose.
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Welcome to Framers Corner