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Welcome to Framers Corner

Management of PPFA

Gregory K. Norris CPF

RIP Past PPFA President 2016-2018
Certified Picture Framer®
Huntington, West Virginia
Huntington Hall of Frames
I have heard from individual PPFA members that Monarch Expositions, LLC, the entity that acquired PPFA, continues to make representations that I am serving as president of PPFA, implying that I and the former PPFA Board of Directors are still actively managing the association. Any such representation, direct or implied, is not true.

On June 30, 2018, the elected board of directors of the non-profit trade association known as the Professional Picture Framers Association or PPFA completed their extended terms. The transition from a non-profit association registered in the state of Michigan to a private company owned by Monarch Expositions, LLC registered in the state of New Jersey was complete. Prior to that date, in 2017, Monarch Expositions hired an Executive Director to manage PPFA operations. The Executive Director chose to have limited communications with me and the other PPFA board members. The management of PPFA has been completely under the control of Monarch Expositions LLC and their agents no later than July 1, 2018. My access to my PPFA email or any member data terminated at that time.

Any correspondence, solicitation for membership or renewal, or any other documentation that you receive from PPFA over my signature has not been authorized by me.
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Welcome to Framers Corner
Welcome to Framers Corner