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In Search of.. Amazing framing examples!

Mary Fender MCPF GCF

Frequent Poster
Master Certified Picture Framer®
GCF Guild
Richmond, VA
Have you heard about the facebook page 'Get Framed! Custom Framing'?

I am the PPFA consumer awareness committee chair and I'm putting a call out on here for examples of amazing framing.
Have something really 'out there'? Share it with us to post.

In search of really awesome examples of custom framing:

~ Shadowboxes
~ wacky weird
~ previous years competition winners
~ strange uses for custom framing
~ motorized examples WITH VIDEO
~ artificially lit (LED, other)
~ really expensive or cheap - but must be custom framed
~ really BIG
~really small

Pics/videos must include the following to be posted: Creator name, facebook business page (not profile or group -so we can tag your biz) link or website link , as little as a title but would prefer as much detail about WHY and how it was made.

Please also let us know if we can use these images on other platforms. ie a PPFA blog/website (credited of course)

Please email everything to pma.ppfa@gmail.com

Thank you so much!!

Please share..
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John Barlowe

Frequent Poster
Holland, Oh 43528
Bumping this back to the top again. I'm working with Mary as the admin for this page and you can also send your items to me if you like.
hollandframeshop (insert @ here) sbcglobal.net
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