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Gregory K. Norris CPF

RIPPast PPFA President 2016-2018
Certified Picture Framer®
This is not the first of these I have seen, but it relies on Framebridge and promotes their growing services by doing so in a way I haven't seen before.

I am concerned that independent framers have taken a look at Framebridge's model and decided it would never work, in a way that is similar to the response to big box stores those many years ago.

How PPFA and local independent framers (and there are many close the the WP offices) came to be completely ignored by the press would be worth studying for those framers that will be framing into the next decade. In any case, this is worth reading deeply for anyone working in a small business.

Home & Garden
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Jerry Feig CPF

Frequent Poster
Certified Picture Framer®
Does the PPFA generate press releases to the media? If not, it might be a good idea.

The time is now for a "call for press releases" from the membership. The industry needs this free form of advertising exposure.

Sheila Pursglove

PPFA CONNECT editor Certification Board liaison
Forum Help Team
Thanks for the link, Jerry!

Consumer Checkbook and Vox both contacted PPFA recently, and Mark Klostermeyer, MCPF, provided comments for their articles; and Art World News contacted PPFA for comments about the framing competition, which the Competition Board handled.

I believe PPFA appeared in a Home & Garden article last year.

I helped our newest MCPF, Joe Dellert, with a press release that landed him on the front page of his local paper.

Despite the challenges facing newspapers - online and print - editors and reporters are always looking for quality content. Getting the word out in general is great for the industry and PPFA, but framers should never be shy about submitting their own press releases and interesting images to their local papers, TV, radio - you never know when the media will pick up your story!

Jerry Feig CPF

Frequent Poster
Certified Picture Framer®
Newspapers and Magazines are fine; but, old stream.

The Millennials and the upcoming Generation Z groups get more information from media such as podcasts, social media and Youtube.
Welcome to Framers Corner
Welcome to Framers Corner