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FOR SALE Film 4000 - 2024 replacement of Fusion 4000 & Flobond

Chris Paschke CPF GCF

Well-known member
GCF Guild
Competition Board
Certified Picture Framer®
Tehachapi, CA
Designs Ink
Designs Ink is proud to announce we are the exclusive USA supplier of Film 4000, the 2024 version of Fusion 4000 and Flobond. For years now many of us have been mourning the discontinuing of 100% pure film dry mount adhesive and after a year of searching we have located a replacement.

For additional information go to my website at https://designsinkart.com/book.shtml for links to the flier and order form.
Or email me at info@designsinkart.com

Chris Paschke
Designs Ink


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