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PPFA 50th Anniversary

Crescent has acquired Bainbridge and related brands

Robin Gentry MCPF

PPFA Coordinator 2020, Past PPFA President 2013-15
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Bowling Green Ky
B&J Gallery
WOW! That's huge but I think it does explain some things that have been going on with stocking.

Russ Wood

Frequent Poster
Lakewood Colorado
Grey Owl Framing
This is great news.

I love and use the Nurrie products, but haven't used any of the Bainbridge products since 2017 when they changed their mircochamber and zeolotes composition in their artcare mats, but wouldn't tell their customers what changed. And they were bought out by Sycamore Products, a private equity firm from New York, that had no experience / interest? in the framing industry.

Their sales force acknowledged changes were made /and zeolites were no longer in the mat core, but they were not provided with additional details. One sales rep said they were in the surface papers only, and another said in the adhesive between ply's, but when I contacted corporate directly, they would not say. [both reps, vp's, have since left.]

I believe Crescent is a great company that supports our industry, so this is great news for us.
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