A big welcome to these new PPFA members:
Larry Smith, Cricket's Corner Framing; Bill Zia, Art & Framing Plus Inc.; Terry McCormick; Sheila Galvan; Katie Powell; Ronald Chaney, Ethnic Art Gallery; and Cathie Antoniuk.

A huge thanks to these framers who renewed their membership last month:
Sam Falk and Marcia Braaten, Choice Framing; Lisa Clancy, Framed! in St. Thomas; Mark Wallenfang, Shooting Star Photo & Custom Framing; Karen Raab, Chemers Gallery; John Ranes, The Frame Workshop of Appleton Inc.; Lori Drugan, Gallery of Framing LLC; Butch Simpson, Negrotto's Frame+Art; Karen Tyler, Arts & Crafts; Lindsey and Micah McCann; Kevin Holroyd, Forem Custom Framing; Christopher Brown, American Frame Corp.; Patrice Marquardt, Marshall Framing Studio; George Strange, Prairie Showcase; Suzanne Roseberry, USAF Academy Arts & Crafts; Becky Evans; Robyn Mathes; Gayle Bennett, Innerwood Gallery; Alan Heins, Heins Designs; and Michele Gladstone, Frames of Furlong.

Thank you all for joining or for renewing your membership in our PPFA framing family!