A huge thank you to these framers who renewed their PPFA membership last month:

Robert Oberlin, On the Wall Gallery & Frames; Anne Warren, The Belfast Framer; Laura Bray, The Frame Garden; Joseph Boutell, The Source on the Lake; Louise Dunn, The Stone Studio; James Reinhart, Justin Brander and Nicole Brown, The Wall Street Gallery; Bruce and Gail Curtin, Whitehall Framing LLC; Brian and Rebecca Williams, Your Claim to Frame; Jessica and Lance Lamb, Lamb Fine Art & Framing; Gary Preston, Makmur Pty. Ltd.; Joe Ferrante, Ferrante Picture Framing; Roz and Daniel Oserin, Nainsook Framing + Art; David Marsh, The Framing Studio; Liz Porter, The Frame Shoppe; Beate Casati, Cavallo Gallery; Christy Diez and Kaylee Martinez, Marchand's Framing and Decor; Mark and Elisa Kubo, FireLight Gallery & Framing; Ross Middleton, The Right Angle; Keith Stewart, Art of Framing; Samuel Budd, Caloundra Framing Factory; Mel Kjormoe, Mel's Country Card; Irene Pollock, Style & Substance; Ferdinand Dugan III, Left Bank Gallery; Susan Boni, Framesofmine; and Quentin Webster.

Thank you all for renewing your membership in the PPFA framing family!