Our November PPFA CONNECT newsletter went out to members on Tuesday – if you haven’t yet opened it on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone, here’s what you’re missing!

  • Michigan frame shop, with 2 locations, will soon celebrate 50 years—read about this great success story!
  • A fun framing project by Meghan MacMillan, MCPF
  • Photos from a special PPFA event in D.C., led by Bill Adair, Gold Leaf Studios
  • Photo/write up from a day of PPFA education in Australia
  • A welcome to new members who joined PPFA in October

I’m working on our December issue, with features from the U.S., Canada and Australia already in the works.

We love to hear from PPFA members—if you'd like to be featured in PPFA CONNECT, as a retailer feature or with a fun framing project; or you have news about your business or your staff, awards, etc. -- email me at editor@ppfa.com!