Thank you to Antons Ready to Inspire Supporting PPFA Education

PPFA Education

Saturday, 19th October 2019
8.00 am for an 8.30 am start

Anton’s Mouldings/SPS Corporation
34 – 48 Stanley Drive
Somerton Vic 3062

Bookings close midnight Sunday October 13th



Just as Custom Framing Designers have a direct influence on the places and spaces we occupy, much of their ability stems from continual research within specific periods of design. From colour to culture, these creative individuals have the proven ability to combine art and engineering to the final form of spatial design.
Period Design is an interactive accredited and IDEC workshop that covers a time-line of nine periods in design dating from the Classical Period to today’s Transitional Period. Each specific time period reveals its own historical categories of, interior design, period colours, colour trends, architecture, art, motifs, ornament, patterns, texture, influences, discoveries and the “Overall Custom Framing Design Process”. You will learn the proper art, colours, motifs and ornamentation associated with all nine of the periods of design.
This highly advanced program is interactive, educational and participative. This event also includes numerous visuals, mood boards, custom framing design tools and where to find and use vital custom framing design information.

The Period Design seminar also includes a free 500+ pages Colour FLIPBOOK® link.
Michael Pacitti, I.D.E.C., CMG, CPF, has worked in the interior design, art, photography and custom framing design industry for more than 25 years. Michael is currently the Director of International development for Crescent and has written numerous articles on colour and design and is a professional certified educator with IDEC Interior Design Educators Council, PPFA North America, and WCAF Education resulting in his accessible style of conducting informative and interactive workshops.
Michael has been teaching seminars on colour and design to custom picture framing designers and interior designers throughout North America, Europe, Australia and China for more than 25 years.

Social Media for Picture Framers - Damien Fong (Anton’s/Bellini)

The requirement for understanding and using social media in your business has never been greater than it is now. Digital marketing is now becoming the norm, with traditional marketing platforms falling by the wayside. In this informative class, Damien will look at some of the different social media platforms, how to post and schedule posts, engagements, using hash tags, boosting posts, target marketing, linking platforms, content which gains traction, as well as looking at some recent changes to these social media platforms.
Future customers are coming from a generation that only uses mobile devices, so future brand recognition will come via the social media platforms. Don’t be left behind.

Mounting Jumpers/Jerseys, etc. Wayne Baker B. Bus, MCPF Framing Elegance

Framing of jerseys, tee shirts and the like can be the life blood of a framing business. Learn how to make and use an internal support, methods to mount the stretched item to a backing and using suspension rods. No glue or tape is required using these mounting techniques.
There will also be a demonstration of one method of mounting an item so it can be viewed from either side (double sided jumper). Worth coming along just to see that.

Cutting and Joining Timber Mouldings Mark Stewart CPF Framing Matters

Being able to cut and join mouldings is something that every framer undertakes on a regular basis. Achieving a professional finish requires not only practice but an understanding of the moulding, correctly adjusted machinery and appropriate techniques and materials.
Mark will pass on his knowledge and expertise in this class which will look at the different types of timber used in the framing industry, cutting and joining techniques, tips and traps, the importance of fastening materials, machinery use and maintenance and if time permits some practical demonstrations.

All this for $100 (PPFA members)
or $130 (non-members)

The CPF exam may be taken at this event and a time will be
allocated if required. Please inform us at if
you intend to undertake this exam no later than the end of
September 2019
Applicants need to apply online no later than the end of September
at www. and go to the certification link to sign up.
(Certification is charged separately)

Thank you to Antons Ready to Inspire Supporting PPFA Education