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A7119 Introduction to Certification
1:00-2:30 PM
Speaker: Elli Wollangk, MCPF
The CPF designation from the PPFA is one of the most prestigious in the framing industry. Achieve a standard of excellence that can be trusted throughout the industry. With the CPF designation after your name, you’ll instantly gain professional recognition from colleagues, employees, and customers.
Certification is available to custom picture framers around the world, with testing available in Imperial and Metric options. Studying for the CPF exam is a great educational tool, no matter how long you’ve been framing, and achieving the designation gives you an excellent marketing tool.
Elli Wollangk, MCPF, chair of the PPFA Certification Board, will show you the purpose and benefits of certification and requirements to maintain CPF designation.
Download a free study guide, with practice questions and a list of recommended reading, at - you’ll also find the recommended books in the PPFA Online Store, or you can purchase them at the PPFA booth at WCAF.
FREE ($45 no-show fee)

A7120 What It Takes to Become a Master Certified Picture Framer
3:00-4:30 PM
Speaker: Elli Wollangk, MCPF
The PPFA designation of MCPF is the highest and most prestigious professional credential in the international framing industry. A framer with a minimum of five years of hands-on experience in retail or wholesale picture framing who has taken and passed the CPF exam and has taken a recertification course within the last four years may apply.
FREE ($45 no-show fee)