Are you looking to scale up to online product offerings? Need a special deal on a huge amount of molding to get started? Buy it all - approximately 80,000 feet of assorted styles - for one time only price of $19,500. Less than 25ȼ per foot!
Approximately 90 different moldings, with stock ranging from a couple hundred feet to several thousand feet in some styles. Too many to list, none are cheap or flimsy. Most are at least 2" wide, with some up to 4" wide. Designer profiles and finishes in traditional, contemporary, casual, formal; it's all here. These moldings are sturdy enough for oversize art or even heavy mirrors. No amount of volume discounts from wholesalers would come close to this pricing.

You will need 4-6 people and a box truck or semi trailer to move the whole lot (probably two loads). Contact me at 540-814-0631 if you have interest in the huge lot. Text "Huge lot" and I will call you back.

If this molding does not sell as a huge lot, then we will be offering special pricing (and possibly very low cost delivery) on medium sized orders to select areas of NC (Greensboro to Charlotte), SC (I-77, I-26, to I-95), GA (I-95), North FL/Jacksonville and Central Florida. Please let us know if you are in these areas, you can text your shop name and location to 540-814-0631 I will get back to you with details to access wholesale prices and pictures. Thanks!