The clock is ticking on the 2018-19 PPFA International PRINT and OPEN Framing Competition! The deadline to submit digital images is September 15—and winners will send their framed entries to January’s PPFA Convention at the West Coast Art & Frame Expo in Vegas.

Visit for information, and to purchase the PRINT piece, a digitally printed canvas, “Waterfront I,” created by James Burghardt, provided and printed by Studio EL, Emeryville Calif.

Tips from the Competition Board for completing the Description Form:

The Digital Competition has an online Submission Form (Description Form) that must be fully completed.

Complete a written Description Form hard copy at the same time as completing the Digital Submission (Description) Form as you will need to ship the hard copy if advancing to the finals. You will need BOTH.

The OBJECTIVE is the approach to the design stated on the Description Form. Make sure your objective is clearly stated. A well-thought-out and clearly stated objective will go a long way to increasing the point total awarded.

The objective—or overall intent—is yours, not the judge's. A judge doesn't have to agree with your objective but needs to understand the reasoning behind it in order to award points for meeting or not meeting a stated objective.

While the Description Form says "Be Specific", don't get carried away with details. The judges are much more interested in your customization and the use of preservation quality materials than they are in manufacturer stock numbers or the specific size of screws or wire used.

Do not list the name of any persons or business completing outside work, e.g. John Smith, my co-worker: John Smith, photographer: John Smith, artist; or mention a local distributor by name. Instead say a local artist, photographer, co-worker, or local distributor. Any names WILL disqualify your entry.

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