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Thread: Seal Bienfang Perforator

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    Seal Bienfang Perforator

    I have a like-new (but no box) Bienfang-Seal Perforator for sale. Used a few times on some dry mount films that weren't pre-pierced.

    "ultra-sharp, 5-wheel perforator for perforating laminating films prior to use on non-porous photographic materials."

    I've also heard (but never personally tried) that pictures can be removed from the backing after they've been mounted by using the following method:

    "Don't throw out the print because the mount is bad! Run this hand tool several times over the back side of the mount
    allowing the points to score the board. Gently wipe Unseal over the scored back. Soon, the glue of the mounting tissue
    will release, leaving the print unharmed and ready for a new mount board"

    Unseal is amazing stuff, but like I said I've never tried it myself, so use at your own risk!

    Paid $150.00 and I've seen them on Amazon for $139.95. I'm asking $50.00!
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