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Thread: 4 Classes with Hugh Phibbs

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    4 Classes with Hugh Phibbs

    Hugh will teach 4 sessions at the PPFA 2018 Annual Convention, at the West Coast Art & Frame Expo, Jan. 21-24, Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino:

    Integrated Collection Care
    Sunday, January 21 – 9-11 a.m.
    Identification, recording, access management, and provision of protective settings are all important services you can provide, to ward off oxidation, infestation, climate flux, loss, and other threats to clients’ collections. This lecture/demonstration will enable framers to enlarge their practice to serve all preservation needs, with illustrative samples of materials and designs.

    Adhesive-free support
    Sunday, January 21 – 3:30-5:30 p.m.
    Gentle, steady, non-confining support for art and artifacts without the addition of adhesive, has been a part of preservation for decades; while it concentrates on designs that cover the margins of the supported item, alternatives that allow for viewing of its edges are under constant review. This lecture /demonstration will provide information and models to better grasp the principles and practices of this vital technology.

    Disasters, Before, During, and After
    Monday, January 22, 9-11 a.m.
    Fire, flood, and pestilence are all threats to be anticipated. Planning can provide strategies as to where and how clients’ collections can be stored and displayed to minimize risks. Disaster preparedness includes provision of enclosure, collections tracking, and monitoring and maintenance. This lecture/demonstration will enable framers to broaden and deepen their understanding and offerings.

    Short and Long Term Enclosure for Display
    Monday, January 22, 4-6 p.m.
    Creating enclosures that protect art and artifacts from climate flux, oxidants, radiant energy, and biological threat can be done simply, when the enclosure will be in service for a limited time. Enclosures to be in service indefinitely are more difficult. If intended for display, they must rely on glass and not on plastic glazing, which leak water vapor. When laminated glass is not available, a combination of plastic and glass can serve and this lecture/demonstration will provide information and material and design samples.

    Hugh’s classes are open to all framers, both PPFA members and nonmembers—and also meet the requirements for MCPF Continuing Education Credit.

    Hugh’s classes are very popular – register now at www.wcafexpo.com to ensure your place!
    And remember, Early Bird pricing ends December 20.

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    Re: 4 Classes with Hugh Phibbs

    Are all of his classes still open?

    I know they fill up fast. I am taking another one again this year. He is always on my list of 'Must take at least one by Hugh!"

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