Hello! Tindell's Restoration in Nashville, TN is offering classes in oil painting and framing restoration on the extended weekends of October 13-17th and October 20-24th. You're welcome to come 3-5 days offered, and at the moment we are seeing which weekend draws the most interest, though if a big enough group requests both, we'll do both. The classes are $375 a day, though again if we get a big enough group that price will decrease. We encourage you to bring an art piece of your own to restore, or commission a piece from elsewhere, and that way the class can all but pay for itself. The classes and lessons are invaluable as no learning experience is better than a hands-on approach. DiAnna Tindell will be the teacher and she'll be sharing her 30+ year expertise with all who take the class. For questions and concerns please direct emails to tindellsrestoration@gmail.com or feel free to reach her at 615-945-2950 or 615-941-5354. Thanks!