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Thread: Owl

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    Don't be "Crewel" to your family heirlooms. This little owl had been treated badly by previous attempts at framing. He had been taped to his cardboard backing, crammed into a little ready made frame with regular glass and all of the mistreament was beginning to show after decades of neglect.
    Fortunately my customer decided she wanted to save this piece which had been done by Grandma, and pass it down to her daughter.
    We freed the little guy from his unfriendly roost and made him a more appropriate home, using preservation quality materials and techniques including Tru-Vue Museum Glass.

    It really was pretty bad after 40 some years. Cardboard backing was turning black and falling apart, the scotch tape had yellowed and become brittle, the paper mat left burn marks and the frame wasn't deep enough so the art had been pressed up against the glass. We actually had to overmat some onto the art to mask the ugly burn marks and discoloration. The art was only 3" x 3.75"

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    Re: Owl

    All OWLS should be treated nicely. Particularly the older ones.

    thanks for sharing,

    Russ Wood / Grey Owl


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