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  1. Robin Gentry MCPF

    Congratulations to new CPFs Stephen & Mollie Mark

    Congratulations!!!! So happy to be your proctor.
  2. Robin Gentry MCPF

    2020 PPFA Convention Postponed until 2021

    WCAF Expo/PPFA Convention Postponed- New 2021 date to be announced later As many of you may already know from a PFM press release, the 2021 West Coast Art & Frame Expo, originally slated for Jan. 24-27, 2021 at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, has been temporarily postponed...
  3. Robin Gentry MCPF

    Greg Norris, CPF

    for anyone wishing to leave condolences for the family here is the link to Greg's obituary https://www.regerfuneralhome.com/obituaries/Gregory-Kenton-Norris?obId=18400099
  4. Robin Gentry MCPF

    Looking for a large profile

    If Vermont Hardwoods can not do this you may talk to Rhonda Feinman. I know they do Gold Leaf but maybe she could do a wood tone? Or have a recommendation for someone that does.
  5. Robin Gentry MCPF

    Greg Norris, CPF

    Prayers for his family. I am so sorry to hear this.
  6. Robin Gentry MCPF

    Looking for a large profile

    Hi Roz, I would check with Vermont Hardwood. Also Studio Moulding may have something. Is stacking a possibility to get the desired look?
  7. Robin Gentry MCPF

    Another new CPF! Congratulations to Al Cario, CPF

    Congratulations Al!!!!! It is a wonderful Accomplishment. Glad to have a New CPF in the framing family!!!!
  8. Robin Gentry MCPF

    Looking for discontinued Larson Juhl Calais 260814 or Ansley 316518

    I think Decor may have a similar one to the Calais. Check Vermont hardwoods for a similar to the ansley, not sure but maybe they have something.
  9. Robin Gentry MCPF

    Managing discontinued mouldings

    Hi Roz, Depending on the Rep they may come help redo your wall and pull discontinued but not always. Some reps will only do it if you let them put up more of their companies samples which I do understand. The best thing to do is update your pos regularly and print a dq list then pull the...
  10. Robin Gentry MCPF

    Business Consulting

    Discuss your concerns with Ken and see if he can modify or help with what you are looking for and it not you may want to reach out to Jay Goltz or Meg Glasgow also to see if they may have recommendations. Someone else even though they are retired that may have some recommendations on who to...
  11. Robin Gentry MCPF

    Congratulations to new Certified Picture Framer, Christie Heyes, CPF!

    Congratulations Christie!!!!! Happy to have a NEW CPF in the group!
  12. Robin Gentry MCPF

    Competition deadline is Monday, August 31!

    Hi All, Just a reminder be sure to enter the Framing Competition PRINT or OPEN or even better Both by Midnight Monday August 31!!!! If you have questions contact competition@ppfa.com We look forward to all of your incredible entries!!!!
  13. Robin Gentry MCPF

    Jigsaw Puzzles

    Hi Donna, If it already has mod podge I would do something like perfect mount board or Gudy and stick it to a board. I would weight it to be sure the piece adheres well. If you do use glazing you will have to space it away from the face of the puzzle. Others may have another suggestion...
  14. Robin Gentry MCPF

    How do you organize your frame stock inventory?

    Something I just thought of that we did when we were clearing out shorts was to bundle likes together and put them on sale. I set up a table in the shop with the bundles and when someone wanted to save a buck I told them if they found something there that we had enough of and the liked it would...
  15. Robin Gentry MCPF

    How do you organize your frame stock inventory?

    Hi Andy, Congratulations on owning your own shop! You will get many different answers on this question. Here is what I did at my shop. For stock inventory I had an assigned location for each type of moulding and had a note on the frame sample as to where it was stored. If I was low I would...
  16. Robin Gentry MCPF

    Jigsaw Puzzles

    Nice! Got some questions for you: Were they glued? Did you drymount? Did you use glazing? Would love to see more photos of puzzles people are framing. I know there are some very intricate ones out there.
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