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    Do you have a CFO (Chief Feline Officer) or CEO (Canine Executive Officer)

    I know a lot of you have a cat, dog, parrot, etc., to welcome customers--we'd welcome seeing photos and hearing about them! (and I could do a feature article for the PPFA CONNECT newsletter as well). Feel free to post on this thread and/or email me at editor@PPFA.com!
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    Welcome New & Renewing PPFA Members Sept/Oct.!

    A big welcome to these new PPFA members: Penny Wallace, Off the Wall Art Gallery & Custom Framing; CJ Baldry and Nicole Robinson, The OBG Co.; Anta Supomo, Ulladulla Picture Framing; Toni Hiley, Cognoscente Creative Framing; Tashia Peterman, Rancho Art and Frame; Heather Leiterman, Tiemann Art...
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    Find the right joining equipment

    Read this important article in the October issue of Picture Framing Magazine (PFM)! Other great articles include: Techniques for Creating a Perfect Corner Feline Photo Series Takes First Place in PPFA OPEN Competition Overcoming Joining Challenges Timber Matboards Successful Retailing Style...
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    Congratulations to CPF and MCPF exam scholarship winners

    The PPFA Scholarship Committee has selected these framers to receive CPF and MCPF exam scholarships: CPF Scholarships: Ellen Van Den Bergh, Ao5 Gallery, Austin, Texas Manisha Bhatcar, Picturesque Art & Frames, Goa, India Anthony Tremonto, Studio ADT, Phoenix, Ariz. MCPF Scholarship: Julie...
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    Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian members Oct. 12

    Have wonderful celebrations, even during this difficult time.
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    Congratulations to new CPFs Stephen & Mollie Mark

    Congratulations to Stephen Mark, CPF, and Mollie Mark, CPF, owners of Make Your Mark in Dickson, Tenn., who passed the online CPF exam on Friday, proctored by Robin Gentry, MCPF. The exam was held at the Dickson County Chamber office.
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    And yet another new CPF! Travis Kerkela, CPF

    Wow, number 6 in a recent spate of new Certified Picture Framers! Travis Kerkela, CPF, who works at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, passed the online exam today at the Bay Area Testing Center in San Francisco. And I still have more online exams to set up! An exciting Fall. It's very...
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    Another new CPF! Congrats to Ty Norton

    Congratulations to Ty Norton, CPF - from Norton's Fine Art & Framing in St. Louis, Mo., who passed the online CPF exam today. :first: He is the grandson of the original founder, and is the shop's marketing manager. His parents, Doug and Mary, were two of the first three framers in Missouri to...
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    Congratulations to 2 new CPFs: Amanda Rogers and Nicole Samples

    We have a double-header today! Amanda Rogers from San Antonio passed the exam this morning, taking it online at Texas A&M University; and Nicole Samples from Fayetteville, Ark., earned the CPF designation, taking the exam at the University of Arkansas this afternoon. Congratulations to both...
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    Greg Norris, CPF

    This is terribly sad news - Greg was a great guy, and always ready to help fellow framers, also a big help and support to me in my PPFA work. He was a long time member of PPFA, served on the board including 2 terms as PPFA president, served on committees, was a Chapter Leader, was honored...
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    Another new CPF! Congratulations to Al Cario, CPF

    We have a double-header today! Christie Heyes passed the exam this morning, and now Al Cario from Canonsburg, PA, has earned the CPF designation, taking the exam at his local library this afternoon! Congratulations, Al, very well done! :first: (and another reminder that the deadline to apply...
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    Congratulations to new Certified Picture Framer, Christie Heyes, CPF!

    A huge congratulations to Christie Heyes, CPF, from New Albany, Ohio - who earned that designation this morning, passing the online CPF exam with flying colors! Christie was one of last year's scholarship winners. (and a reminder that the deadline to apply for a CPF or MCPF scholarship is...
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    Welcome new members and renewals from August!

    A big welcome to these new PPFA members from the U.S. and around the globe: Daniel Larson, The Frame Shop at Lakeside; Chloe Piene, CP Studio LLC; Andrew Giese, Andrew Giese Designs; Ozzie Burhan, MP Framing Outlet; Lisa Magri; Dianna Beiszer, Hot Shots To Go; Trevor Murphy, Magical...
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    Save $10 on Picture Framing Magazine (PFM) subscription!

    PPFA members save $10 on a Picture Framing Magazine subscription! The one-year premium print and digital versions and Annual Directory cost only $10 in the U.S, $30 in Canada; and $50 for International members. Use the informative articles to boost sales, successfully market to your...
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    Identifying Antique Frames, Restoring a 19th century Frame, and much more

    Did you catch the August issue of Picture Framing Magazine (PFM) and its great articles, including Frame Detective: How To Identify Antique Frames; Preparing and Gilding Textured Surfaces; Restoring a Gilt-Lined 19th Century Mahogany Frame; Heart of Gold--Remembering Marty Horowitz; Creating a...
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    Competition deadline is Monday, August 31!

    The deadline for the qualifying digital round of the PPFA PRINT and OPEN International Framing Competition is midnight EST Monday, August 31! While it's too late for PPFA to ship PRINTS in time for you to frame, if you have a 'Devoted Thoughts About Dogs' PRINT piece, be sure to frame it and...
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    Caribou whiskers, sea fans, and much more!

    PPFA members should have received their August CONNECT newsletter on Tuesday (August 11) - with a story and beautiful images from Mark Kubo at Firelight Gallery & Framing in Alaska - including a Yupik dance fan made from caribou whiskers. A second story is about Lisa Lounders at Kennedy...
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    Competition PRINT pieces: Last day to order- August 14

    To allow time for the PRINT piece to reach you, and for you to frame and then enter the digital qualifying round of the PRINT Competition by midnight EST on August 31, PPFA will have August 14 as the last day for shipping PRINTS to PPFA framers. Don't miss out on the PPFA International Framing...
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    Welcome new members and renewals from July!

    A big welcome to these new PPFA members from the U.S. and around the globe: Northfield Framing & Fine Art Printing; Rochester Framing & Fine Art Printing; James Tan, Impress Galleries Pte Ltd.; Elizabeth Johnson, Upper Level Inc; Meghan McReynolds and Paige Lynnlee, Framebridge; Mark Lerner...
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    Apply for a CPF or MCPF Exam Scholarship by Sept. 15!

    PPFA offers up to five L. Thomas McKeon CPF Exam scholarships a year for a free sitting of the CPF exam and a complete set of PPFA recommended books. PPFA also offers up to two Vivian Kistler MCPF Exam Scholarships for a free sitting of the exam and a stipend to offset framing and travel...
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