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    Looking for a large profile

    We are looking for 3.5 to 4.5 classic cherry for beveled mirrors. I tried to download a photo here but it just would not work? Tricks for that? We've looked through the vendors that we already use - LJ, Roma, International Moulding, CMI and are not finding anything. Any help would be...
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    Looking for discontinued Larson Juhl Calais 260814 or Ansley 316518

    We are looking for 4-5 lengths (8 ft or 9 ft) of either of these mouldings- Larson Juhl Calais 260814 or Ansley 316518 We thought we pulled all of the discontinued mouldings only to have a client pick not one, but two of them. I've posted the photos to help. While these mouldings are completely...
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    FOR SALE GOB: Closing 60+yr old Framing Shop, Longview, Texas - Must pick up by 15 August.

    It is past August 15th but wondering if you sold the Wizard yet? We are in San Diego Ca. and it would need to be shipped as well. Best, Roz
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    Wanted Fillet chopper - used in good condition

    Looking for a used fillet chopper w/ measuring arm...
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    FOR SALE Fletcher - 2200 Mat Cutter - 60" Model

    This sounds good to me..we are in La Mesa, Ca. I will check tomorrow morning with the person who is helping us set up our business - She also has a Flecher and recommended same...thank you
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    FOR SALE Fletcher - 2200 Mat Cutter - 60" Model

    What are you asking for your mat cutter?
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