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  1. V

    Amazing Prison Art

    I don't see a picture. How does one access the referenced picture of the project? Thanks!
  2. V

    East Side Moulding

    Thanks, Mike! I suspect since they were confessed neophytes with internet, they did not know to renew the domain. I am glad I got the voice of Fanny on the 800 number and I will call them Monday.
  3. V

    East Side Moulding

    My email order to East Side Mouldings in Millersburg PA bounced. The 800 number works, so I left a message. Of course it was late Friday so I have to wait till Monday....Anyone have any information?
  4. V

    Elpa F-18 Fitting Drivers for Sale!

    Hi John: We are looking to replace a tired Framer point driver. We have been using the black Fletcher framer point driver. I looked at the pictures of the Elpa F-18 and I cannot tell if it works the same. Some descriptions say "brad driver." so I am not sure if framer points and brads are...
  5. V

    Find A Framer link not working? Cape

    Hi, we're going to be in N. Falmouth, Massachusetts, for a few days and I would like to hook up with a framer to fix a mirror in the house we're staying at. The Find A Framer link doesn't seem to be working (http://www.pmai.org/ppfa/). I won't have the details about the mirror till we get...
  6. V

    Framing a mirror

    Karen - I am posting as a new thread your question about the mirror. Framing a mirror has one unique challenge. We had to take apart a mirror we framed because we forgot to darken under the lip of the frame - - the mirror reflected the raw wood. Our local glazier sells mirrors. If we...
  7. V

    Hello I have a question

    Vivian Kistler/Bill Pare book, Decorative Accessories Made from Moulding A quick internet search yielded this site: http://www.abebooks.com/9780938655602/Decorative-Accessories-Made-Moulding-Kistler-0938655604/plp Haven't tried this so would be interested in other comments. Good luck! Vicki
  8. V

    New England PPFA Dinner Meeting

    Looking forward to it! Please reserve 2 for Chuck & Vicki Heidorn. See you there!
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