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  1. Robin Gentry MCPF

    FOR SALE Ornate molds for sale

    Hi Janeen, are you able to post some photos?
  2. Robin Gentry MCPF

    Las Vegas 2022 - convention and etc.

    I think they will but they may look a bit different. Not sure yet what the requirements will be.
  3. Robin Gentry MCPF

    Las Vegas 2022 - convention and etc.

    Hi Russ! I am so ready for Vegas 2022. I have not heard dates yet. I plan to attend as many events as possible, and walk the show. Also will be working the PPFA Booth. As soon as anyone hears of dates Post them!
  4. Robin Gentry MCPF

    PPFA Online Speaker Series: FREE to PPFA members

    The First Speaker Series it tonight! The link was sent to all registered Participants. But do not worry if you were unable to register at this time the Speaker Series will be added to the PPFA Online Bookstore in the near future!
  5. Robin Gentry MCPF

    Can anyone suggest a supplier of framing fabrics for silk or linen mats.

    Check with Franks Fabrics, http://www.franksfabrics.com/ They have a Great Selection and great service. They are in California
  6. Robin Gentry MCPF


    I think we are all having framer withdrawal! We like to see our friends and get together. Soon it will happen!
  7. Robin Gentry MCPF


    For the runners that would be a great run! You guys will have to do this next year! I've had the memories popping up on FB also the last few weeks. Last year Michael and I stayed a few extra days to sight see. It was Great. We were planning on going to the Grand Canyon this year. We will...
  8. Robin Gentry MCPF


    Definitely a different January. Really miss everyone and hope they are all safe. Maybe we can all get together soon!
  9. Robin Gentry MCPF

    Crescent has acquired Bainbridge and related brands

    WOW! That's huge but I think it does explain some things that have been going on with stocking.
  10. Robin Gentry MCPF

    FOR SALE Frame Shop Liquidation Auction 1/15/2021 through 1/24/2021

    I am posting this for a former PPFA Member Shop. Long time shop has closed in North Richland Hills, Tx and everything must go. Glenn Nerwin, owned and operated Nerwin and Martin for over 30 years in North Richland Hills, TX. Nerwin and Martin was a Fine Art Services Business as well as...
  11. Robin Gentry MCPF

    CPF Exam Study Groups in 2021

    Hi Maria, The CPF Study Group is to help those interested in learning more about framing and working toward the CPF (Certified Picture Framer) designation complete their study. The Study Group will meet once a week for 12 weeks and go over all of the recommended material for the CPF Exam. We...
  12. Robin Gentry MCPF

    In Memoriam: Ed Rosston, Fastframe

    Prayers for his family and friends
  13. Robin Gentry MCPF

    Happy New Year to all our PPFA members!

    Happy New Year! Wishing everyone a Happy and Safe one
  14. Robin Gentry MCPF

    Do you have an Elf on the Shelf? Take an "Elfie"

    That is funny! I am so glad my kids were to old for elf on the shelf!
  15. Robin Gentry MCPF

    Show us your holiday decorations!

    These are from our house. Pretty simple but that is us!
  16. Robin Gentry MCPF

    Show us your holiday decorations!

    So The first is a fun one of Schafer, we were trying to get her to wear a hat, but she was not interested! Next one is from a drive through light event in our area
  17. Robin Gentry MCPF

    Congratulations to two new CPFs in Texas!

    Way to go Ladies!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!
  18. Robin Gentry MCPF

    Do you have a CFO (Chief Feline Officer) or CEO (Canine Executive Officer)

    The kitty on my profile pic is Claude. He was the shop cat for 14 years. He showed up at the shop one day and stayed. He adopted us but we loved him to death. He had customers come in to check on him from time to time. Great kitty!!!!
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