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  1. Jim Miller MCPF GCF

    Is there any interest in improved glass?

    In my opinion, we already have plenty of glazing choices, both glass and acrylic. Last time I counted, there were more than a dozen alternatives. Rather than focusing on new product variations, I would suggest focusing on innovations in the supply chain. It's expensive to ship such a fragile...
  2. Jim Miller MCPF GCF

    PPFA Online Speaker Series: FREE to PPFA members

    David did a fine job with his presentation - plenty of useful ideas, great descriptions of processes, and excellent images, too. Kudos to you, David! (y)
  3. Jim Miller MCPF GCF

    Congratulations to new Certified Picture Framer, Christie Heyes, CPF!

    Congratulations, Christie! It was my pleasure to serve as your proctor. Sheila, dealing with the online CPF exam was quite easy and convenient, no troubles at all. :thumb:
  4. Jim Miller MCPF GCF

    Event Washington DC October 26-27

    Thanks for posting the information on Framers Only. A question... Since Gail would not be interested in attending the classes, would I have to pay full price for her? She probably would want the tours.
  5. Jim Miller MCPF GCF

    Event Washington DC October 26-27

    Hi Robin: Has the information on this event been posted anywhere yet? Gail and I probably will attend, as we'll be driving up the east coast that weekend.
  6. Jim Miller MCPF GCF

    Hello everyone

    Welcome! You've been away for a decade? Congratulations on your re-entry to the framing business. We hope to hear from you often.
  7. Jim Miller MCPF GCF


    Always good to hear from you, Ormond! I guess Australia is a great place for traveling by caravan, with lots of empty spaces and not too many congested highways. That mode of travel may be less fun, considering the traffic around here, but there are plenty of RV (caravan) parks for overnight...
  8. Jim Miller MCPF GCF

    PPFA Demos

    Like Russ, I also got a call from Paul. Mine will be a half hour show-and-tell session in the PPFA booth #1801, at 11:00 AM on Monday. So, if you are interested in learning about a non-invasive, non-adhesive, low-risk, low-cost, quick-and-easy way of mounting flat paper items, join us to talk...
  9. Jim Miller MCPF GCF

    Museum Glass Shadowboxes Available

    Mo, shipping a finished glass shadowbox is a problem. About half of the ones I have built for other framers arrived broken. It would be better for you to build your own, and it's not difficult. I can send you the illustrated instructions that come with the lecture/demo class.
  10. Jim Miller MCPF GCF

    PPFA 2017: Clear Film Mounting and Direct Contact Overlay (DCO), with Jim Miller

    Just a reminder... A lot of framers have taken Clear Film Mounting classes in the past, but this one is new. Clear film comprises only about one-third of the content, and it also covers DCO (Direct Contact Overlay) mounting techniques using fine mesh fabrics and acrylic. Thanks for...
  11. Jim Miller MCPF GCF


    Our satisfaction guarantee posted in the gallery says that, if the customer changes his/her mind within 30 days, we will replace any parts of the framing and charge only for the parts - no charges for labor to disassemble or refit. Mind you, we go out of our way to make sure the customer "owns"...
  12. Jim Miller MCPF GCF

    Mounting Photographs on Di-Bond

    Back to one of your original questions... Kool Tack "Competition Plate" is ACM (such as DiBond brand) coated with their reversible, 160-degree F, heat-activated adhesive. You can buy a 48x96 sheet and cut it yourself, or they will cut it to any size you need and ship it with their routine...
  13. Jim Miller MCPF GCF

    Let's have some fun!

    FALSE! This time of the year, it's at least once a week. The person below me wants to sell more object framing.
  14. Jim Miller MCPF GCF


    Welcome, Laura. I hope you will share more information about this and your other interesting projects. :thumb:
  15. Jim Miller MCPF GCF

    Gourmet Food for Busy Framers

    FYI... A few weeks ago Gail and I began our subscription to Blue Apron. Every Tuesday a box arrives, containing all ingredients and detailed instructions to prepare three complete dinners for two. The instructions are beautifully color-printed on 8-1/2" x 11" card stock, so we're keeping them...
  16. Jim Miller MCPF GCF

    Conservation Framing

    From the latest revision (2007) of the PPFA Art & Picture Framing Glossary of Standard Terms: conservation (noun) The scientific examination and analysis, documentation, and treatment of artwork or objects by a qualified conservator. conservation framing See preservation framing. preservation...
  17. Jim Miller MCPF GCF

    Logo Printed on Mats (kind of) and mat openings

    Mo, If I understood correctly, you were able to successfully print on paper, mount that to the matboard, and then cut the window & perimeter. Right? Maybe that's still the best way to achieve the results you want without having to deal with unknown disparities between mat surfaces and inks...
  18. Jim Miller MCPF GCF

    Logo Printed on Mats (kind of) and mat openings

    Isn't dye sublimation very sensitive to moisture? If so, be sure to keep it away from the glass.
  19. Jim Miller MCPF GCF

    Leather wrapped frames

    That sounds very interesting, Wally. Can you give me his contact information? Mo, I apologize for hijacking your thread. That leather-covered frame still is a beautiful thing!
  20. Jim Miller MCPF GCF

    Leather wrapped frames

    That frame in your pictures is beautifully done and I'm sure your customer will be very pleased, Mo. Something simple. The photo shows the frame ready for finishing, and I guess a thin, flexible leather (or other material) would work best. The covering probably could be most easily glued to...
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