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    PPFA Convention - Las Vegas

    I notice there is a $50 PPFA Special that has lots of coupons, etc. I have not been able to determine what the details are, and what the $50.00 Special provides. Can anyone provide some more information? thanks
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    Updated Version of 'Mats, Mounts, & Reversible Mounting' now available.

    I have made a major revision to my 'Mats, Mounts & Reversible Mounting' number 5 in my Decorative mat Instructional Series. This guide is only available electronically in a PDF file, and is now 69 pages with lots of color photos and illustrations. Only $20.00, US. Send me your email address...
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    FOR SALE Decorative Mat Informational Series [Guides]

    I have developed a series of electronic guides based on the way I do decorative mats. Each guide is between 25 and 35 pages [plus or minus] and has lots of photographs and illustrations. These are only available electronically, right now. The guides are: 1. Colored Bevels 2. Decorative...
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    Thanks to Cliff

    Thanks to Cliff for the Framers Corner breakfast meeting at the WCAF. And to all that had questions and wonderful answers too. I think everyone had a great time, and based on the turnout, maybe we need to start registering for this class early, because it was a full house!:thumb:
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    PPFA Demos

    Last year there were a few demo's at the PPFA booth, in Las Vegas. Are there going to be any demo's this year? If so, do you have the times and who? These are great, and I want to make sure I can get them into my schedule. again, thanks
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    Cancelled Classes

    I received an email from WCAF today saying "Unfortunately, this class has been cancelled due to low attendance. We look forward to seeing you an the National Conference. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding." It was signed "Powered by Cvent" The email does not say...
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    Membership meeting

    When is the PPFA general member meeting in Las Vegas. As I recall, in the past it was right before or after the Keynote Address. I don't want to accidentally schedule a class during that time. thanks
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    Facebook Promotion for my Customers

    I bit the bullet and started doing two Grey Owl Framing Facebook posts a week starting this last July. The purpose if to help educate my customers on higher end framing topics. And I can easily schedule these to come out when ever I want, and I have now scheduled posts through the end of...
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    2018 PPFA Convention

    I know it is early but I am already looking forward to the 2018 PPFA Convention, and trying to work it into my budget plans. Will the primary PPFA hotel still be Bally's? Will there be special hotel rates for PPFA members, or will we need to sign up for the Paris Hotel through the WCAF? I was...
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    I forgot? First Mat - British Museum?

    I think my memory is like a sieve, it catches the big stuff, but lots of small items get through without me remembering. As I recall, about 10 years ago, someone mentioned the first mat was developed by ??? for protecting watercolors / paper based media. I thought it was the British Museum...
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    FOR SALE Grey Owl Decorative Mat Instructional Guides - Avaliable Electronically

    I have four Decorative Mat Instructional Guides available electronically, as follows: 1. Colored Bevels [21 pages] 2. Decorative Papers [24 pages] 3. Layered Bevels and Pinwheels [17 pages] 4. Lines and Ruling Pens [27 pages] These guides show the way I do different elements of decorative...
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    Working on a Training Class - Need Help

    I am working on a training class. One of the discussion items includes minimum prices, minimum sizes etc. Can you help me out by telling me your Retail price a single mat with a window; nothing else. Mat would be Crescent 2259, solid cotton rag PPFA level I; If you don't carry Crescent, the...
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    Fun, Funky and Downright Wicked; A day with MIK on Sunday August 28.

    Ready for Fun, Funky, and Downright Wicked, one of the best framing classes of the year? Then reserve Sunday, August 28, for a great Day with MIK [aka Mary Ann Miklich] at the Denver Larson-Juhl branch office. MIK will teach her Fun, Funky and Downright Wicked class to give a behind the scenes...
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    2016-2017 Print Competition Instructions and Guidelines

    I am trying to find a link to the 2016-2017 Print competition Instructions and guidelines, but I could not find it on the PPFA.Com website or on Framers Corner. Can you give me a link so I can include the link in some of my communications to our chapter members? Thanks much.
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    Calling all Educators and Speakers

    I'm putting together a list of potential speakers and educators that would like to teach at local chapter events, regional events, and national / international events. Initially I will use this list for our chapter events, but this list will also be used by the education committee as a basis...
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    PPFA Booth in Las Vegas

    What is the PPFA booth number? I was on the map on the WCAF website and I did not see it listed. I want to be able to tell framers which booth they must stop by. thanks:smile-new:
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    Great Work Sarah Beckett!

    I was looking on page 19 of the October and November Art World News and saw a very unusual item that kind of looked like the back of a watch with a fancy braided band. Then I looked closer, realized my perspective was off, and saw it was a shadowbox housing a Pakistani Tribal Neckwear. It...
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    PPFA Convention in Las Vegas

    The classes for the PPFA Convention in Las Vegas are now listed. You can sign up through the WCAF link on the Picture Framing Magazine website. Lots of great classes. Of particular note to PPFA Members: on Sunday: 11:45 - 1:00; PPFA Keynote speaker & luncheon: Leslie Klinger: Framed...
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    My most popular painted bevel design.

    Someone earlier mentioned that a lot of activity is on Facebook groups, and not as much on Framers Corner. So I will share. This is a piece I framed for a customer on the East Coast. This is the original artwork used for a "plate" in Rare Birds of North America. The artist is Ian Lewington...
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    Mountain and Plains Chapter: Meeting Sunday August 16, 2015

    The Mountain and Plains Chapter is meeting on Sunday, August 16 at Colorado Moulding Company. Their address is 2606 S Raritan Circle, Englewood, CO 80110. We will be offering three classes as follows: Class 1: Is Point of Sale Software right for me. Class 2: Artist Corner Package Pricing at...
Complete your certified picture framer test online CPF