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    Crescent has acquired Bainbridge and related brands

    This is great news. I love and use the Nurrie products, but haven't used any of the Bainbridge products since 2017 when they changed their mircochamber and zeolotes composition in their artcare mats, but wouldn't tell their customers what changed. And they were bought out by Sycamore...
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    January of this year has been difficult with personal things. But the sun is shining, and getting caught up, and finally logged back into framers corner. Looking forward to January 2022, in Las Vegas. How many of you plan on being there?
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    PPFA 2020 At A Glance

    Thanks Sheila, Great classes, as usual.
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    Happy Birthday, Wally Fay!

    Late as always..... So may I be the first to wish you happy birthday for Next November 18, 2020! take care, and I hope you had a great one this year!
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    Event Washington DC October 26-27

    Looking forward to this! Robin, is any informal activity planned at the hotel on Friday night? eg. meet at the bar at 6:00 pm? other?
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    Event Washington DC October 26-27

    Thanks Robin. I will see you there. It will be great! The hotel website only allows you to register for the two nights of Friday and Saturday, at an excellent rate, with a noon checkout. [$169 per night excluding taxes, etc., very reasonable for that location!]. However you can easily...
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    Updated Version of 'Mats, Mounts, & Reversible Mounting' now available.

    Yes, Lion Products in the UK sells my guides in hard copy.
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    Congrats to a new Canadian CPF!

    I'm rather late replying Julie, but congrats!:first::first::first:
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    Ten more new CPFs!

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    Happy Birthday, Mike Labbe!

    Have a Happy .... Mike.:first:
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    The perils of art valuation

    I guess at first I don't understand. At first my thought was: How can a non-financial donation [eg. artwork] help their financial situation, unless they plan on selling the artwork? They say they plan on borrowing with the art as collateral, but unless they have a way of increasing their...
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    Happy Birthday, Russ Wood!

    Thanks to all. It was great. Janet and I went out to my favorite 'white table cloth' restaurant. When we asked for the bill, the waiter said no charge. Our son, who lives in Ithaca NY, had called the restaurant and paid the bill. what a pleasant surprise.
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    Wish Ellen Collins a happy retirement!

    Happy retirement. But if you just happen to be in Las Vegas late January next year, please stop by. We will miss you.:first:
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    PPFA Framing Competition Winners!

    Congrats to all. And thank you Judges - your efforts are appreciated.
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    Cross-stitch, garments, kalagas, crochet, tapa cloth, jerseys…….

    I heard a rumor that this will be Ellen's last convention, so consequently this will be her last class. She is a great educator and will be greatly missed. I have taken her classes several times and I always learn something new! For those that have never heard Ellen speak, take this last...
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    Consumer Alert: Marriott and Dunkin Donuts DATA BREACHES

    Thanks for the info Mike. I used a credit card at Dunkin Donuts on Saturday, but luckily,I don't go to Dunkin enough to have their frequent customer card; mine is at Einsteins Bagels. again thanks for keeping us informed.
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