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Recent content by Robin Gentry MCPF

  1. Robin Gentry MCPF

    Congratulations to two new CPFs in Texas!

    Way to go Ladies!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!
  2. Robin Gentry MCPF

    Do you have a CFO (Chief Feline Officer) or CEO (Canine Executive Officer)

    The kitty on my profile pic is Claude. He was the shop cat for 14 years. He showed up at the shop one day and stayed. He adopted us but we loved him to death. He had customers come in to check on him from time to time. Great kitty!!!!
  3. Robin Gentry MCPF

    Any comments or recommendations on art conservationist?

    Hi Mark, look at the AIC site, www.culturalheritage.org Also there is the BACC - Balboa Arts Conservation Center in California - that could be of help. www.bacc.org And there is the Canadian Conservation Institute. Someone else may have a specific recommendation
  4. Robin Gentry MCPF

    Welcome New & Renewing PPFA Members Sept/Oct.!

    Thank you for your Membership! I just referred a customer to PPFA Members in her area. Also be sure to claim your listing in the PPFA Directory to help customers find you. If you need help doing so email info@PPFA.com
  5. Robin Gentry MCPF

    Black Friday?

    When I had my retail space I would close. The first few years I was open and it was dead. I was able to catch up on some orders but I also had family in town which I did not see much so I decided to close and spend time with them. Is your Small Business Saturday busy? Mine never was no...
  6. Robin Gentry MCPF

    Greg Norris, CPF

    That was a fun night!
  7. Robin Gentry MCPF

    Congratulations to new CPFs Stephen & Mollie Mark

    Congratulations!!!! So happy to be your proctor.
  8. Robin Gentry MCPF

    2020 PPFA Convention Postponed until 2021

    WCAF Expo/PPFA Convention Postponed- New 2021 date to be announced later As many of you may already know from a PFM press release, the 2021 West Coast Art & Frame Expo, originally slated for Jan. 24-27, 2021 at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, has been temporarily postponed...
  9. Robin Gentry MCPF

    Greg Norris, CPF

    for anyone wishing to leave condolences for the family here is the link to Greg's obituary https://www.regerfuneralhome.com/obituaries/Gregory-Kenton-Norris?obId=18400099
  10. Robin Gentry MCPF

    Looking for a large profile

    If Vermont Hardwoods can not do this you may talk to Rhonda Feinman. I know they do Gold Leaf but maybe she could do a wood tone? Or have a recommendation for someone that does.
  11. Robin Gentry MCPF

    Greg Norris, CPF

    Prayers for his family. I am so sorry to hear this.
Welcome to Framers Corner