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Recent content by Ken Tuvman

  1. Ken Tuvman

    Happy Birthday, Russ Wood!

    Happy belated birthday Russ!
  2. Ken Tuvman

    Sorry to hear about the passing of Les Martin

    When I asked for help on this forum last year about how to use the Frame Square saw I'd acquired, Les reached out to me and asked me to call him. With my phone in my hand - no FaceTime - he patiently spent about an hour or more explaining me how to use the saw - it was like magic - he asked me...
  3. Ken Tuvman

    Wanted: Fletcher Fillet Chopper

    Please disregard this post! Ken
  4. Ken Tuvman

    Wanted: Fletcher Fillet Chopper

    Looking to purchase gently used Fletcher Fillet Chopper. Please PM me or email info@bestpictureframing.biz Thanks much, Ken
  5. Ken Tuvman

    PPFA Membership Decals for 2018

    Hi Joe - Maureen Robertson provided this link to me: Member Logo for PPFA (Attached and Link below) http://www.ppfa.com/downloads/PPFAMember_RGB.jpg I'm almost sure if you email her at maureen@wcafexpo.com she can connect you with someone to mail you the decals.
  6. Ken Tuvman

    You Ain't Nothin' But a Hound Dog

    He WAS good and really looked like a young Elvis! He definitely had all the right "moves."
  7. Ken Tuvman

    Thanks to Cliff

    Cliff did a great job as moderator and kept things moving making best use of our allotted time!
  8. Ken Tuvman

    Fletcher 5700 Corner Pro Underpinner

    The retired framer I purchased some of my equipment from in MN is selling his Fletcher 5700 Corner Pro Underpinner - no idea if the price is high or low but he's motivated to sell it as he's retired - the seller is Greg - super good guy - here are details: I've seen it and it's in like-new...
  9. Ken Tuvman

    Post WCAF Post

    Hello Again! I'm also on Underpinner, a Facebook user group and a question was asked about the general vibe of the show - another person in this forum who'd reached out to me late last year, also wanted more details - here's what I wrote about my experience as a newcomer to this industry: My...
  10. Ken Tuvman

    Post WCAF Post

    Amazing experience for me in Las Vegas to meet many of you face to face and for the opportunity to enroll in classes taught by true professional artisans with so much love and passion to the art medium. At many times felt like I was trying to drink water with a fire hose! Very grateful for the...
  11. Ken Tuvman

    PPFA CONNECT Winter Edition 2017-2018

    Thank You, Mike and HNY fellow framers!
  12. Ken Tuvman

    Choice of Classes for Beginner

    Hi Everyone, Without any bias towards one instructor vs another - trying to decide which is a more useful class as a beginner (both classes at same time on Sunday) - Currently registered for Sunday: The Complete Guide to Shadowboxes and Mastering Mounting and Mastering Mounting - based on...
  13. Ken Tuvman

    Vivian Kistler Books

    Hello, Which Vivian Kistler books or any other authors could be useful to glean knowledge about matting, mounting, preservation techniques? TY Ken
  14. Ken Tuvman

    Help Narrowing Down Class Selection

    Registration Completed - all set to learn :smile:
Welcome to Framers Corner