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Thread: 1950's restaurant menu

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    Registered Adela Davis, MCPF's Avatar
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    Feb 2012

    1950's restaurant menu

    Anyone framed some menu's with Restaurant cover and menu???....trying to get the creative juices going over here. Have a month deadline!
    There will be engraved plate "in appreciation for your service" type.

    Please show off!!
    Adela Davis, MCPF
    MD Sales
    New Braunfels, Texas

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    Slesar Glass
    West Bend, WI
    Feb 2012

    Re: 1950's restaurant menu

    I've done one for a supper club that closed years ago and the owner's children found a copy when clearing out the house. I didn't take pictures but remember trying to come as close to the old paper as possible with a solid black core inner to bring out the print. The menu was greased stained as it had been used.

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    Re: 1950's restaurant menu

    We did a bunch a while back (1980's). The customer was using menus she had collected on various vacations to decorate her kitchen. They were all different and the framing was designed to the menu. Some had beautifully designed jackets with the restaurant's logo embossed and others were little more than copy paper with the day's menu printed on it.
    This year we framed a menu from the tenth anniversary dinner of a restaurant in Tuscany. The menu was a ten course sampling of the favorite dish from each of the ten years they had been open, paired with appropriate wines. It was a simple folded piece of paper (very nice paper) with a personalized inscription from the owner of the restaurant to the customer on the left and the courses listed on the right.
    The design really depends on the elements being framed. Post some pictures and maybe you can get some specific feedback. I've never framed the same menu twice, and each had different elements of design to consider.


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