Kirstie Bennett will teach this great session Monday afternoon, January 23, at PPFA 2017.

Whether hiring your first staff member or improving your sales team, Kirstie will help you develop a knowledgeable sales staff that will create greater profits.

If your business hires staff for both design and back room duties, learn how to optimize employees' potential in each area.

The class will cover advertising, resume reading, interview questions, legal necessities, training outlines and techniques, ongoing training, and employee retention.

Workbook material to take home will have you ready to hire and train your first or 101st employee.

PPFA 2017 will be held at the West Coast Art & Frame Expo/The National Conference, Jan. 22-25, 2017, at the Paris Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Kirstie’s class is open to all framers, with special pricing for PPFA members.

To ensure your spot in Kirstie’s class, visit